Volve - a tech startup out to change how the
world builds.

By combining Artificial Intelligence with industry expertise, we empower decision-makers to confidently optimize cost, time, and sustainability. We help you make better decisions, avoid risks, and build smarter. Join us on this journey to shape the future of construction!
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Initial offering

volve.predict (PoC)
Minimise uncertainty, maximise success
Understand your risk profile with data-driven insights: Uncover your lifecycle risks, Quantify the financial impacts, Get actionable mitigation strategies.
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What makes us unique?

The name 'Volve' comes from ancient Norse legends, where a 'volve' was a seer, a woman with the power to see the future. We're bringing that same power of foresight to development of the built environment, targeting the shift from experience based to outcome and data-driven decision making.

AI MOdel capabilities

In an industry where 96% of data goes unused, our AI capabilities unlock the high impact unstructured data.

Industry insights and expertise

The construction value chain is a beast to navigate. We provide insights to simplify complex decision-making in project development and portfolio management.

Methodological approach

With an 85% chance of cost overruns in projects, our holistic and risk based approach empowers stakeholders to ditch overruns and boost those profit margins.

Our team

Herman Smith
Founder & CEO
Rafal Winnik
Silvija Seres
Chairman of the board
Aleksander Erikssen

What are we doing
right now?

Bringing our Vision to life

Building state-of-the-art solutions that transforms our vision into reality - Cutting-edge AI models, intuitive user interfaces, integrations with industry workflows to simplify high impact project decisions.

Customer value generation

We partner with building owners, developers and contractors for real-world project execution, demonstrating the direct business value and flexibility that our solution delivers.

Iterating the value proposition

Collaborating with forward-leaning industry players
Our proud partners

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