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By combining Artificial Intelligence with industry expertise, we empower decision-makers to confidently optimize cost, time, and sustainability. We help you make better decisions, avoid risks, and build smarter. Join us on this journey to shape the future of construction!
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Our founder and CEO, Herman Smith, was recently interviewed by Finansavisen, a leading Norwegian financial publication.

The interview highlights Smith's journey founding Volve Technologies and his vision to transform decision-making in the construction industry through a blend of artificial intelligence, industry expertise, and a methodical approach.

The construction industry is fragmented, and everyone operating in siloes. Everyone talks about artificial intelligence. We're going to do something about it.

In the article, Smith delves into the inspiration behind Volve, why he took the leap, and emphasizes the need for innovation to overcome inefficiencies and communication gaps common in the construction sector. He emphasizes Volve's collaborative approach, working closely with industry professionals to solve real-world challenges.

The industry has fallen behind when it comes to efficiency and digitalization. This has led to the fact that most decisions are still based solely on intuition.

Smith outlines how Volve aims to change how the world builds and to empower decision-makers in the built environment to optimize cost, time, and sustainability with AI-powered insights, enabling better decisions and smarter development.

We believe the timing is perfect to start harnessing artificial intelligence to offer new and holistic approaches to decision-making, goal setting, and uncertainty management.

To read the full interview in Finansavisen, please visit LINK.

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