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We're thrilled to partner with SINTEF Digital on a scientific project funded by Oslo Municipality through the FORREGION program.

The collaboration will power the development of science-based, real-world applications, bringing our vision to life.

In an industry where 96% of data goes unused, our AI capabilities will unlock the impact of unstructured data.

This project aims to explore how specific high-impact documentation can form the basis for risk estimation models in development projects. The goal is significant: reducing overruns and saving money for building owners.

We are grateful for the support of Oslo Municipality and look forward to working with the experts in SINTEF Digital. This project's potential is high, and its goal aligns directly with Volve's target to enable the shift from experience-based to outcome- and data-driven decision-making in the built environment.

We're excited to see the impact this project will have and look forward to sharing updates!

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